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Discussion: Tech Upgrade


Your one stop shop for all the information about the upcoming tech upgrade! Got questions? You've come to the right place


We wanted to quickly reach out and provide an update on what’s going on with our Land & Vitals team.  

The Division is very busy right now deploying the tech upgrade to our client base as well as implementing 4 new clients (includes expansion into 2 new states) that we have secured over the last several months.  The most recent contract we secured in February is Wayne County, MI and we’ll be doing mainly Vitals work there in a new State – so it’s a very exciting time right now in our world!



Join us in Austin Texas on November 8th for the Granicus Land & Vitals User Group Meeting! Highlights include 2017 Texas state initiatives, meeting Mark Hynes the marvelous CEO of Granicus, a product roadmap review to discuss upcoming itmes and timelines, and most importantly free lunch and dinner! Schedule and more details soon to come. 


Register for the event here: