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Discussion: Tech Upgrade


Your one stop shop for all the information about the upcoming tech upgrade! Got questions? You've come to the right place

As you know, we are releasing the technology upgrade of our Land & Vitals product. This is the very first step in this entire product upgrade process – which is to upgrade the technology platform of the system.  We are calling this Phase 1. Overall, the technology upgrade will mean improved security, better performance and the ability for us to quickly add new features for the second Phase of the upgrade – which will be the roadmap, or feature update. Some highlights of the technology upgrade are the following:


•    Upgrading entire code base to .NET 4.6 framework  > better performance, security, memory management and developer tooling

•    Upgrading all 3rd party components: Infragistics (i.e. the user interface software), crystal reports (reporting), Atalasoft (i.e. the imaging component).

•    Upgrading/Replacing Imaging technology > better display of images and thumbnails, allows users to more easily manipulate images by adding annotations, resizing, redactions, etc.

•    Adding and centralized logging components > single logging framework, applied consistently throughout the codebase

•    Replacing Jenkins technology with our standard Travis + Chef > integrates the RMS team more tightly into our centralized Hosted/Dev Ops practices for Testing, CI and Build Automation.  Allows for greater efficiency of deploying and validating customer code

•    Expanding IT Infrastructure to support additional environments for testing and validation >  better and more consistent validation of changes, higher quality code, less defects.


Once the core technology upgrade is complete, work will begin on the functionality, roadmap upgrade or Phase 2. The roadmap features will further the capabilities of our system. Please let us know if you have any other new functionality that you would like seen added to the system. The release schedules and the release plan including the new features for the future Phases moving forward will be presented and coordinated through our Team to you and your office in the near future.

Additionally, we will be revamping the User Interface for our product sometime within the next year.  This will update the product and make it look more sleek and modern from the end user’s perspective.

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