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We wanted to quickly reach out and provide an update on what’s going on with our Land & Vitals team.  

The Division is very busy right now deploying the tech upgrade to our client base as well as implementing 4 new clients (includes expansion into 2 new states) that we have secured over the last several months.  The most recent contract we secured in February is Wayne County, MI and we’ll be doing mainly Vitals work there in a new State – so it’s a very exciting time right now in our world!



On the corporate front, in the late 3rd Quarter of last year, Granicus was purchased by Vista Equity Partners.  Vista, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a preeminent investment firm and one of the top four software companies by size in the US.  This announcement is a strong testament to how organizationally strong Granicus has become over the last two years.  Over the last 36 months, we have built a strong team in Denver and Virginia, hired additional resources for critical groups such as our Records Management team and increased the company’s investment in key products including the Land & Vitals product suite.  Overall, Vista represents the strongest and best partner that Granicus could have hoped for and speaks to a strong next chapter in Granicus’ history and ongoing partnerships with all of our clients.


In late October of last year, Vista merged us together with a partner company called GovDelivery.  The combined company’s name will remain Granicus and together we will form the government technology hub within the Vista suite of companies.


Vista is interested in growing the business, and so that takes investment.  Vista is also not the same type of investor as K1.  With the acquisition, we immediately became part of an organization that we can work with on longer term initiatives.   So, they are going to expand our company through mergers and acquisitions.  There are no significant changes planned in the immediate future to our Land & Vitals Team besides hiring more resources in order to expand the team – which is a great thing.  Most of the structure at the top of the organization will stay in place including Jason Fletcher – who will assume the COO position for the combined entity.  Our Division will continue to report to Jason and generally speaking, our Land & Vitals Team will be staying the same besides adding people and growing.


Again, Vista brought us certainty that Granicus will be a strong company and they have the experience and track record of creating strong companies.  They are also a multi-billion dollar organization and as such, Granicus will support its products and clients for the years to come including the Land & Vitals product.

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