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Incorporate a function that allows eRecorded documents to only be returned upon completion of the Verification process. This will prevent submitters from receiving, forwarding and using a document that appears recorded and official when in fact it may get voided prior to verification being complete. This does occur. Customers, inclusive of title agencies, have presented documents to us that they have used to insure clear title, prove ownership, etc. when in fact that document was voided prior to being completed but after the document was returned at the Cashiering process. They had obtained their copy from the submitter. "Undoing" this recording error creates a great inconvenience to staff members. Paper submissions are not returned until they have completed the Verification process. Records appear on our system with an "Unofficial" watermark until they have completed the Verification process. ERecorded documents should be treated the same to insure the accuracy and integrity of County Land Records.